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Player Name: Anna
Player Contact:
[ profile] 2a2n
Characters you have in the game: n/a

Character Name: Michelangelo
Character Canon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)
Canon Background: Cowabunga dudes

Omegafriends Background:
Once upon a time in a magical land called New York City, there lived four turtles who were bought from a pet store by a little boy. Due to an accident involving a truck filled with alien chemical waste and a jay walking old man, the turtles were accidentally dropped into the sewer and, along with a random sewer rat, exposed to said alien chemical waste (aka ooze or mutagen). Thus turning them more humanoid a fairly more intelligent than most pet store turtles. The random sewer rat, who was actually Splinter the pet rat of a high ranking ninja guardian, took pity and adopted the poor turtles, raising them as his own children and training them in the secret art of ninjutsu. Fifteen year they studied, and fifteen year they were kept hidden in the sewers by their sensei, away from the fearful humans who might not take well to mutant turtles randomly crawling out of manholes. Though there were times when they snuck out, because you can’t really expect children to stay in one place for fifteen years right?

Moving on, Michelangelo and his brothers have a lot of weird and crazy stories under their belt. But a few notable ones would be defeating different shredders on multiple occasion including watching his brother behead him, destroy him as a computer virus, turning into a astral dragon being and blasting him into oblivion, blasting him with the technodrome, and blowing up his space ship.

Another would be that he had, in fact, travelled to different dimensions, space and through time. But usually caused by a villain or an accident. Leaving him stranded in worlds like and alternate universe where he and his brothers are super heroes, the medieval times, the stone ages, the year 2105, different part of the universe that are probably too many to mention, the Battle Nexus, the 1987 TMNT universe, the 1984 TMNT comic universe (aka Turtle Prime) and even the cyberverse thanks to his brother.

At some point, he was chosen (along with his brothers) by the Ninja Tribunal to be trained as acolytes to protect the world from yet another Shredder (the original Shredder, in fact). Due to this, Michelangelo mastered the art of ninja speed, ninja stealth, the use of Inazuma (the three section staff) and the ability to astral project his spirit animal which is a dragon.
He is (sort of) a member of the Justice Force, under the name “Turtle Titan”.

And last but not least, he is the undefeated champion of the Battle Nexus. Winning both the competition and the official rematch which got him both a trophy and a medal, and he WILL remind his brothers of that, given the opportunity. Now, why was he brought to this strange and new world? Well he assumes it's Donnie's fault somehow.


Michelangelo, or Mikey as most would call him, is the youngest of the turtles and, living up to the title, very VERY immature most of the time. He has a very short attention span and gets easily distracted when it comes to dealing with things he doesn’t enjoy. But when faced with something he loves or is very important to him, he gets quite dedicated and will make sure to see that task to the end. Some examples of that would be his dedication to his role as one of New York City’s resident super heroes (but not really) Turtle Titan and having the ability to start and finish a game without stopping. But due to his being immature, people (especially his brothers) don’t expect much from him. Though he does have moments when his quick wit saves his brothers and his allies, proving that he’s actually more intelligent than what he lets on. It’s just that he’s not all that interested in “being the smart one”. Also, his father/sensei has mentioned that Mikey has the most raw potential of the four turtles. But due to the lack of focus, he probably wouldn’t meet his true potential.

It is actually shown on multiple occasions that he isn’t as focused in training as his brothers. Usually favoring games of reading a comic over training. But that doesn’t mean he’s weak, oh no. Mikey is a very capable fighter in a group or even on his own. Being very well versed in the art of stealth and self-defense. Even proving he is the best of the best by winning and constantly reminding his brothers that he won the Battle Nexus, an interdimensional battle, and defending his title when he was asked for a rematch. Though his first win was more a technicality (due to interference by the villan), he had won the rematch fair and square by learning to focus (as taught to him by his brother Leonardo) and getting a trophy and a medal for it. Mikey is known to be the best when it comes to stealth and speed. Their stealth training would usually consist of a ribbon being tied to his arm and the other brothers would try and take it from him, and most of the time, the brothers would have a difficult time with it. Also, it was also shown during his Ninja Tribunal acolyte training that he excelled in both the fields of speed and stealth compared to his brothers (though he accidentally summoned a water demon during stealth training at some point, but he still excelled later on). Mikey’s fighting style is more go with the flow than anything. During a training session with Leonardo, he had told his younger brother that the best way is to plan things out and keep a level head, only to be proven otherwise during a battle later on. Though his initial reaction to a baddy would be a meep or a rather girly scream, he will still stay and fight. Even fight to the end if it means protecting the people he cares about.

Mikey is a very happy guy. One could always depend on him to lighten up any mood just by entering the room. He is the resident prankster and is known for pulling various pranks and jokes on his brothers (ESPECIALLY Raphael) just to get a good laugh out of it. Usually his brothers don’t take well to the pranks, but they just learned to live with it. Mikey also has a habit of not really thinking before he does things. One could blame his being the most spontaneous turtle of the four, but in the end, his actions tend to get the brothers into trouble more than enough times. Though he does have a more caring side to him. Mikey has shown the most empathy out of the four turtles, proven by his adopting a stray kitten during Christmas Eve and his friendship with Leatherhead. He also cares a great deal for his brothers and father. Being his only family in this world, he would put their needs above all else and would most likely die for them if the need arises. But due to Leonardo’s special brand of discipline and Raphael constantly smacking him upside the head, he prefers hanging around and is actually closest to his brother Donatello.

Mikey is an expert on pop culture. Comics, movies, TV shows, games, you name it and he’s already memorized the script to it. What he lacks in discipline in fighting, he makes up for with his discipline and dedication to being a full time pop culture geek. Every single conversation with this turtle would include some movie or tv show quote, and he definitely can’t go a day without reading a comic book or playing a video game. He’s even got a fairly huge collection of super hero figurines. Due to his obsession with comic book super heroes, he’s actually taken up the title of Turtle Titan and tries to do super hero good on his own. Sometime getting him into trouble, but most of the time, he manages to do good for the city and even helping out the Justice Force (their version of the Justice League) who see him as a very important ally. Mikey also loves skateboarding in his free time and is also the turtle’s resident cook. It is assumed that he learned through watching cooking shows on tv (since that’s all he ever does anyway). But since he’s the only turtle who can actually cook, his brothers usually just leave the task to him. He also has an iron stomach and can eat just about anything, though his go-to food would always and forever be pizza. Since it’s the TMNT staple food after all. Lastly, Mikey uses a lot of slang (ESPECIALLY surfer slang) and coupled with his immaturity, his constantly playing video games and his horribly short attention span. He’s the only turtle who sounds and acts like an actual teenager.

Mikey doesn’t actually have powers, so instead I’ve listed down his abilities, his weapons and the abilities brought by some weapons.
-Very skilled in the art of Ninjutsu (including various forms of self-defense and stealth)
- Mastery of the Nunchaku but is also familiar in the use of other weapons if need be.
- Practitioner of Chi Gong which gives him the ability to control his breathing and heart rate.
-Nunchaku : or Nunchucks to the unfamiliar, these would be his default weapons
-Inazuma : a three section staff that also gives him the ability to call upon bolts of lightning from the heavens. An acolyte gift bestowed upon him by the Ninja Tribunal.
- Acolyte Pendant: This was given to all the acolytes of the Ninja tribunal. Gives the wearer the ability to focus their chi which gives him the ability to use
*ninja speed (not as fast as the speed of light, but close)
*ninja stealth (the ability to completely disappear and reappear in any circumstance without being noticed)
*astral projection/summoning of spirit animal (namely he can summon his spirit dragon to fight for him, or turn into the dragon itself. But he will only use this ability in a worst case scenario.)
Never fear! The Turtle Titan is here!

He’ll be living in the sewers with the slime and plague rats, and he’ll be bringing in his pet cat, Klunk.


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